Remote Security Monitoring by Professionals

So you’re looking to hire professionals in remote security monitoring. However, with the amount of security companies in the industry, you don’t know where to begin looking! Well, let us help you make that decision easy.

Remote security monitoring entails a company to monitor all security cameras and security points, from a remote location. In times of higher risk or more uncertainty, you just increase the monitoring capability. Thus, allowing more visibility and control on the premises.

Top OSM’s name says it all. We are the top company in Gauteng for offsite security monitoring. Our security systems create a safe environment for you and your business.

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Tailor Made Remote Security Monitoring Services

We offer custom remote triggered monitoring services. Our highly trained surveillance champions observe and evaluate the potential risk from our offsite control room.

Our response procedures and policies to ensure that appropriate action is taken once a threat has been identified.

The Benefits Of Remote Security Monitoring Include:

  • Two Way Communication.
  • Cost Reduction On Insurance (Dependent On Insurance Company)
  • No Staff Intimidation Or Collusion.
  • Client Support And Assistance.
  • Recording & Archiving Of Events.
  • Saving On Running Capital On Patrol Company.
  • Proactive Event System. Our Monitoring Control Room Reacts To The Event Before The Perpetrators Have Time To Do Damage.

Even if your premises is fully equipped with latest and greatest alarm systems, CCTV and security patrol, you cannot keep an eye on your entire premises and its assets at all times. And that is where remote security monitoring comes in.

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Highly Trained & Knowledgable

We listen carefully to what you are trying to achieve and only supply solutions and CCTV Security installation packages that will fit your requirements.

Top OSM is a leading independent remote security company providing a comprehensive, unbiased offsite monitoring solutions for you and your business.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your safety and security. With a remote security monitoring solution from Top OSM, you can rest assured that your premises is protected. Additionally, our approach when security on your premises is breached is highly effective and proactive.

Get in touch with our industry experts today and experience a totally professional remote security monitoring service and genuine peace of mind.

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