Keep Your Property Safe While You Are Safe At Home.

Much acclaimed security company Top OSM has not left the security scene and is more on top of its game than ever before.

Many believed the Top OSM company have taken a backseat since 2019, when a large percentage of its shares were sold off. The professional company has shown it is very much at the forefront of security.

With its revolutionary state-of-the-art CCTV security systems taking the country by storm! Additionally, Top OSM has ensured residents and businesses stay one step ahead during the coronavirus pandemic.

The security company has adapted in recent months to address unique security threats. We keep up with current societal crime trends.

One of these trends is the looting and vandalism of properties.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Top OSM team is out at full force. We ensure businesses, schools, and retail and entertainment facilities remain safe. While owners and professionals stay safe at home.

The Functionality To Off-Site Monitoring

When our system is activated by an event on site, a pop up notification is sent to our control room.

Following a system trigger, the camera view automatically becomes live in our control room. Thus, drawing immediate and appropriate attention to the event taking place.

Our advanced security system is pro-active. The highly trained controller can see what the thread is to advise your monitoring and response company accordingly.

Our offsite monitoring system has a huge cost saving versus using a guard/patrol security service.

Additionally, Off-site monitoring provides a solution to this problem 24/7. Many CCTV installations are ineffective due to lack of adequate monitoring response.

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