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Top OSM Are Leaders In Remotely Monitored CCTV Systems in Gauteng.

We Are Your Preferred CCTV Monitoring Service Provider in Gauteng.

Don't leave your business assets vulnerable. We are here to protect what is important to you! What’s more important for your premises; crime protection or prevention?

Top OSM's surveillance monitoring solutions allows you to have both. With a pro-active, remote camera monitoring solution. This specialised security system prevents, protects and provides you with the BEST possible remote security service in Johannesburg.

Crime never stops, so why should your security? We are experts in offsite security solutions that keep your business and assets safe and secure.

Sign up with us today and let's combat crime together with professional, offsite monitoring services.

We serve clients in Johannesburg, Edenvale, Pretoria, Benoni and all surrounding areas. We can also arrange CCTV monitoring services across South Africa.

What Makes Us The Best Offsite Monitoring Security Company?

Top OSM Group Of Companies was established in 1992 with the purpose of providing a personalised security service in small, defined communities.

We focus on key areas of security, rather than trying to do everything. We STRIVE to be exceptional in our service to you.

The best security in the world is only as good as the response it generates.

Ultimately, we provide a service to our customers, and the technology employed is only a tool. Our service depends on the ability, training, supervision and management of our employees. Therefore we only offer high quality solutions with trained security professionals.

A commitment to customers is seen as the key to our success.

When we are employed for remote monitoring purposes, numerous services and products are thrown into our comprehensive remote monitoring package:

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection.
  • Virtual Guard Patrol.
  • Two Way Communication which acts as a deterrent.
  • Line Crossing technology.
  • Motion Detection

In addition to these services, other notable services are video alarm verification and site checks for staff leaving late in the evening or arriving early in the morning.

Want to read more about how our CCTV monitoring solutions work? Read more here.
Security Monitoring Control Room

State-of-the-art remote security monitoring services. With national and international coverage capability, we ensure a single and responsive point-of-contact for all your monitoring needs. We are the top OSM company in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.


Enhance The Surveillance Of Your Business, Home Or Estate With Our Specialised Systems.

Off-Site CCTV Monitoring

Top OSM’s state of the art CCTV offsite monitoring solutions are some of the best in country.

We have the best CCTV technology to link, view and monitor camera systems live from a remote location. This next generation security technology has become a must have! It is also designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security system.

The days of leaving patrol guards on their own to protect your premises is no longer viable. It offers clients very little choice but to monitor their guards on their own premises. Clients who invest in our specialised CCTV system and off-site monitoring enjoy the many benefits.

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